Samples of Buttons

We’ll work with you from swatches of your fabric to coordinate the perfect button match. Email us at or Call us at (401) 724.9053.

You’ve just bought the most perfect

fabric in all the world. Then after spending many, many hours working on your garment, sewing, and measuring, and fitting, you find something is missing. Almost done, but something missing. Ah, buttons, you think. But what about the buttons, you ask yourself?

Not to worry, because “We’ve got the buttons~!”

Please choose from our world of buttons the shape, size and color that that suits your very special creation best~!

Please feel free to send a swatch of fabric for custom matching. We will email back a photo for you to look over, before the buttons are actually sent out to you.

All buttons are kiln-formed glass, ranging in size from ½” to 2″