About buttons

Our Buttons

The majority of our buttons are made of kiln-formed glass. Don’t be fooled by this description! They are extremely strong and functional… and they are hand crafted and unique. You can choose the color and size you need.

Our buttons will add elegance to your ordinary jacket or sweater, shirt or dress. Decorate your purses, shawls, belts, or other accessories. Be creative! We will gladly match the material sample you send us.

Buttons are sold singly, in pairs, or carded with three, four, five or six buttons. Remember: because the buttons are hand crafted, they may not be identical, but they will be compatible. Prices range from $8 to $50, based on numbers and sizes (add shipping and handling). Larger buttons will be heavier, and should be used for heavier fabrics.

The Care and Feeding of Our Buttons

We strongly recommend that your garment be hand washed. Turn garment inside out and wash in cool or warm (not hot) water. Do not use dryer. We do not recommend dry cleaning.

If you are especially concerned about protecting your buttons (it happens to the best of us), before you wash your garment, cover your buttons with aluminum foil.